Studies on Drinking Manner in Korea

한국(韓國)의 음주예법(飮酒禮法)에 관한 고찰(考察)

  • Published : 1986.06.30


The drinking manners of the modern generaton were reviewed based on historical records. First, for reasons of health, we should reject the drinking from the same cup as others in reciprocation. Second, if the other people are older or younger brothers above the same level, pouring with one hand is all right, but if 5 years older or more, or stranger, grasp the bottle in two hands in the following manner. With the right hand under the bottle, and the left hand supporting its side, carefully pour wine not to show the palm of the hand. Third, ladies, also, can drink freely at the same table, but if people of the opposite sex are sitting together, they should pour with two hands to convey the meaning of courteous treatment. Fourth, because the level of our living is not two high, we must not order more them we can use, so that when we are finished, there will be no remainder.