A Study of Court Food Culture in Yi Dynasty of 18 Century -Based on the ceremony book 'Jung Ri Eui Gwae'-

18세기(世紀) 궁중연회음식고(宮中宴會飮食考) -원신을묘정리의궤(圓辛乙卯整理儀軌)를 중심(中心)으로-

  • Published : 1986.06.30


This paper attempts to study the court food based on the historic ceremony book, Jung Ri Eui Gwiea which describes the king's visit to the royal tomb, 'Hyun Neung Won', during the rein of Chung Jo, the 22th King of Yi Dynasty. According to this book, the foods used for the ceremony of the court and the courtesy of dinner party appears as follows. 1. At the birthday party of Bong-su Dang, the main table with 70 dishes and the side table of extraodinary flavor with 12 dishes were served to Mrs. Hong of Hea Kyung Kung, the mother of Chung Jo. As soon as they were served, the napkins, menu card, flowers and soups followed them, and a cup (Jack) of wine (with soup) was served to her seven times. This party was held by Sang Chim, Sang Kung, Sang Eui, Jun Chan, Chan Chang, Jun Eui, In Eui, Sa Chan and Jun Bin. 2. At the birthday party of Yun-hee Dang;the main table with 82 dishes and the side table of extraodinary flavor with 40 dishes were served to her. And the napkins and menu cards followed them and a cup(Jack) of wine was served to her four times. The courtesy of this party was held by Sang Chim, Sang Kung, Sang Eui, Jun Sun and Yeo Jeo Jip Sa. 3. At the party of Yak No Yun for the oldman, there were some soups (Doo Po Tang), cooked sliced meats (Penn Yeuk), steamed legumes (Heuk Tea Zeung), and some fruits on the main table. The napkins, menu cards and flowers followed them, and wine was served on the table for the king. The feast was held by Chan Eui, In Eui, and Tong Rea. 4. Foods used in these parties were classified into 9 groups such as Rice cakes, Rice and Noodles, Dessert Cakes, Sugars, Fruits, Side Dishes, Beverages, Sauces and Wine. 5. The units of height, amount, weight, and number measured for cooking were used variously. 6. The foods accumulated highly on the dishes were decorated with paper and silk flowers. 7. The containers for cooking and the utensils for the feast were used variously.