An analytical Studies on Side Dishes in the Royal Parties of Yi Dynasty

조선시대(朝鮮時代) 궁중음식중(宮中飮食中) 찬물류(饌物類)의 분석적(分析的) 연구(硏究)

  • Published : 1986.06.30


This study was designed to establish Korean food culture by analizing 17 sets of Jinyounuigue(진연의궤) Jinchanuigue(진찬의궤), and Jinjarkuigue(진작의궤) which were the records of royal party procedures in Yi dynasty. Side dishes were classified into 20 groups in this study ; Tang (場) 19, Jungol (전골) 3, J'im 18, Jun (전) 20, Jock 14, Pyunuk (片肉) 14, Cho 12, Hyae 17, Po 8, Chae 3, Bung 1, Nanri 1, Sooran 1, Sookran 1, Jaban 1, Kimchi 2, etc. all of 140 different kinds of side dishes. There was no tendency in omission or addition of food materials. Food materials were beef, pork, lamb, chicken, duck, peasant meat, dock's egg, fish, shellfishes, mollusca, curstacea, seaweeds, vegetables, fruits, beancurds, muk (a starch jelly), d'ock, muchrooms, etc. Seasonings were soysauce, pepper, sesame oil, ginger, green-onion, garlic, bean paste, ginger powder, red pepper powder, red pepper paste, salts, vinegar, honey, sesame power, etc.