Ion Exchange Phenomena of $Cs^{+1},\;Sr^{+2},\;and\;Th^{+4}$ on Ion Exchange Resin in Loading and Elution Process

$Cs^{+1},\;Sr^{+2}$$Th^{+4}$가 동시에 이온교환수지에 흡착 및 탈착시의 이온교환현상

  • Published : 1986.12.15


The ion exchange behaviour of the $Cs^{+1},\;Sr^{+2},\;and\;Th^{+4}$ in the system of $Cs^{+1},\;Sr^{+2},\;Th^{+4},\;and\;7Cl^{-}-H^{+}$ from Dowex HCR-W2, was examined in the loading and elution processes. $Th^{+4}$ was slowly adsorbed through the entire contact time between resin and solution and $Cs^{+1}\;and\;Sr^{2+}$ were adsorbed fast for the first few minutes of contact time. Because of the strong affinity of $Th^{+4}$, the longer contact time was allowed, the less amount of $Cs^{+1}\;and\;Sr^{2+}$ was adsorbed on the resin. The peak concentration of the resin phase $Cs^{+1}$ in the solution concentration of $Cs^{+1}:Sr^{+2}:Th^{+4}$ in the ratio of 2 : 2 : 1 in normality with total normality of 0.1N was produced at about 4 minutes of contact time and the peak time for $Sr^{+2}$ was 20 minutes. The loaded ions were eluted using hydrochloric acid. The loaded $Cs^{+1}$ was eluted at the low eluent concentration of less than 0.1N with less than 5% contamination of $Sr^{+2}$. The loaded $Th^{+4}$ was eluted at the high eluent concentration of greater than 1N. The best eluent concentration for eluting $Th^{+4}$ was 4N.