Effect of Leaf mold on Cd Uptake in paddy Soil by Rice Plant

답토양(沓土壤)에서 부엽토(腐葉土)가 수도(水稻)의 Cd흡수(吸收)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1985.06.25


To evaluate the effect of organic matter on phytotoxicity and uptake of Cd by rice plant, paddy rice was cultivated by pot test under the flooded condition by treating a sing concentration of 25ppm Cd and different amounts of leaf mold. The phytotoxicity of rice plant by Cd and the content of Cd in the vegetative rice plant reduced by increasing the content of organic matter. The content of Cd in the vegetative parts of rice plant decreased in the order of sheath, stem, leaf blade, and brown rice. The content of Cd in brown rice was 0.59 ppm below 1 ppm, a criterion level of contaminated rice, when paddy rice was cultivated under the condition flooded condition through the whole period of cultivation. And that of Cd in brown rice could be controlled until 0.14ppm such as the similar level producing at non-contaminated paddy soil when applied 200g of lead mold/8kg of dried soil and 25ppm of Cd to the flooded paddy soil.