Application Effects of Some Nitrogen Fertilizers Forms for the Growth and Yield of Rice Plant

몇가지 형태(形態)의 질소비료시비(窒素肥料施肥)가 수도(水稻)의 생육(生育) 및 수량(收量)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1985.06.25


Nitrogen fertilizer effectiveness on rice production was studied to evaluate the different forms and sources. Seven kind of nitrogen fertilizers were applied in two levels, 15 and 30 kg per 10a on Jinjubyeo (Japonica type) in silt loam paddy soil of pot cultivation. The results were summerized as follows; 1. pH in soils was decreased with enhancement of ammonium sulfate application in $NH_4-N$, but it was increased with times after nitric-acid application and PH change in soil was not remarkable when $NO_3-N$ with accessory component was applied. 2. $NH_4-N$ contents in soil were the lowest at 2 weeks after application in N 15kg/10a regardless of different sources of nitrogen fertilizer. $NO_3-N$, in N 30kg/10a, was decreased continuously until 4 weeks, while $NH_4-N$, Urea-N were at minimum during 2-3 weeks. 3. Growth of culm length and straw weight applied with AN (Ammonium Nitrate), AS (Ammonium Sulfate) and urea were superior to the form of nitrate. While NA (Nitric Acid), PN (Potassium Nitrate) and CN (Calcium Nitrate) plot of the $NO_3-N$ was the dominant fertilizers for root elongation. 4. Brown rice yields were increased dominantly by $NH_4-N$ application such as AS or AP than $NO_3-N$ pot. But the yields in case of $NO_3-N$ application CN, PN and NA were decreased. 5. N, P, Mg and Mn content of straw ranked the effectiveness of nitrogen forms as $NH_4-N$, Urea-N and $NH_4-N+NO_3-N$, while K, Ca and $SiO_2$ content of straw in $NO_3-N$ fertilizer plot were high while N, P, Mg, Mn, Fe and Mg were low. 6. Increament of nitrogen absorption in straw was stimulated by enhancement of phosphorous absorption and the growth and yield of rice plant were increased. Absorption of N, P, Ca and Mg was decreased by CN application. Absorption of N, P and Mg also was decreased by $NO_3-N$ application and N, P, Mg or Ca content were seemed to simulated the growth and yield of rice plant. 7. $SiO_2$, Zn and Fe contents of the root at harvest stage were higher than those of the straw. N, P, Mg, Mn, Zn and Fe contents were high in $NH_4-N$ and Urea treatment. While K, ca and $SiO_2$ contents, however, were high in $NO_3-N$ treatment.