A Study on Changes of Physico-Chemical Properties of Plow Layer Soil and its Response of Tobacco Growth under Poly Ethylene Film Mulching Condition. -1. Effect of Poly Ethylene Film Mulch on Changes of Soil Temperature and Soil Moisture Content in the Rhizosphere

연초피복재배(煙草被覆栽培)에서 작토시(作土尸)의 이화학성변화(理化學性變化)와 연초생장반응(煙草生長反應)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) -1. 피복조건(被覆條件)이 근권(根圈)의 토양온도(土壤溫度)와 수분변화(水分變化)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1985.06.25


Under the field condition mulched by polyethylene film, changes of the soil moisture content and soil temperature due to the meteorological influence, which have had a great effect upon productivity of upland - field crop, was investigated. The results obtained were as follows; 1. During the early growth stage from the first part of April to the last part of May, soil temperature at 15cm below the mulched surface of ridge (13:00) was about $5^{\circ}C$ higher than that of non-mulched plot. 20 days earlier than normal soil temperature reached up to $20^{\circ}C$ due to the mulching. The increasing of soil temperature resulted from poly ethylene film mulching had a similar tendency for the annual experiment of 3 years (1982-1984). 2. Changes of the soil moisture content in the plow layer during the growing season was remarkably less in the mulched plot than in the non-mulched plot due to suppression of evaporation by polyethylene film. 3. Soil moisture contents of the plots planted with tobacco was lower than those of the non-planted plots owing to the more transpiration induced by growing of the tobacco plant. As the results, it was refered that initial fresh weight of above ground part of tobacco that had an influence upon the consumption of soil moisture by the transpiration rather than evaporation was about 250g per plant. 4. At the appreciable amount of rainfall (for instance; 63.5mm), soil moisture content at middle place between plants in the plow layer of the mulched plot was not increased owing to the infiltration interruption by polyethylene film. 5. By the comparatively small amount of rainfall (e.g. 20mm) after the drought period, leaf water potential of the mulched plot was not increased as much as that of the non-mulched plot owing to the less moisture content of soil resulted from interruption of rainfall.