Loss of Some Cationic Zeolites and Changes of Hydraulic Conductivity in a Vertical Sand Column

수직(垂直) Sand Column 내에서의 수종염기 Zeolite의 유실(流失)과 수리전도도(水理傳導度)의 변화(變化)

  • Kang, Shin-Jyung (The Department of Agricultural Chemistry Kyungbook National University) ;
  • Choi, Jyung (The Department of Agricultural Chemistry Kyungbook National University)
  • 강신정 (경북대학교 농과대학 농화학과) ;
  • 최정 (경북대학교 농과대학 농화학과)
  • Published : 1985.12.30


Loss of cationic zeolites saturated with different ions, sodium, potasium, ammonium, magnesium and calcium ions, and changes of hydraulic conductivity were investigated in labortory. The 0.5 to 1mm sands and the zeolite particles passed 0.1mm sieve were used in the column tests. The amount of zeolite particle loss was in order of Na- > K- > $NH_4-$ saturated zeolites, and little loss was observed from Mg and Ca saturated zeolites. The loss of zeolite particles was mainly due to dispersion in solution, which was prominant when 0.01N dilute mono ionic solution and distilled water were percolated. The results also showed that the changes in hydraulic conductivity were greater in the columns where the loss of dispersed zeolite particles was higher.