A Study on the Survey of the Meals outside Home in Seoul

서울 거주자를 대상으로 한 외식에 관한 조사연구

  • 안숙자 (중앙대학교 가정교육학과)
  • Published : 1985.12.01


An investigation was conducted on Seoulites' meals outside home by age group and sex, and the resultant findings are as follows: 1. To effectively conduct this survey were taken 201 teen males, 242 teen females, 202 young males, 232 young females, 219 men and 195 women. 2. For the kinds of meals they have outside home, breakfast forms 0.7%, lunch 35.7%, supper 22.2%, and snacks 14.4%. 3. Men subjects "lunch out everyday" by 39.9%, young males by 30.7%, and young females by 29%. 4. The reason why they lunch out indicates "convenient" by 37.4%, "carrying a lunch box is inconvenient" by 21.2%, "hard to prepare the lunch box" by 12.9%. 5. Regarding the favorite food taken for lunch, almost all the men prefer Korean food by 73.9% 6. Ra Myun and noodle occupy the highest Percentage of young females by 79.3% ; Chinese food the highest percentage of women by 27.7%, but the lowest percentage come from Japanese food by 1.1%. 7. The preference of kinds of food when having a meal outside home is ascribed to "prefer"by 50~75.7%, the highest percentage of all. 9. The price they pay for lunch outside home amounts to less than 900 wons in teens and young males 1, 000~2, 000 wons in men and women. The price of a meal outside home per capita a day, when taken by family unit, averages to 3, 694 wons. For the number of meals outside home, "more than once a month" forms 41.7%. 9. On the mooted points raised when having a meal outside home, "unsanitary' forms 36.7%, "expensive in prices" 26.1%, "lack of nutritution" 10.6%. 10. Teen males, when viewed from food preference for lunch outside home, take Ra Myun, Ddokbokki, Chinese noodle, while teen females, Ddokbokki, bread, Chinese noodle: young males, Sundubu Baekban, Bibim Bab, Ra Myun, Yokge Jang; young females, Sundubu Baekban, pork cutlet, Bibin Bab: men, Solnone Tang, Daenjang Chikae, Baekban, Kalbi Jongsik Bibim Bab : women, Bulkogi Jongsik, Neang Moyn, and Chinese noodle. 11. When seen from the nutrition of meals taken outside home, the prices of noodle and boiled rice range from 600 to 1, 000 wons, while their energy ranges from 407 to 745 kcal, Protein from 14.2 to 30.3g. On the other hand, the Price of western food averages to 1, 900~2, 500 wons, while its energy ranges from 1, 061 to 1, 129 kcal, proteio from 45.9 to 72.9g. It is revealed that noodle or boiled rice is not nutritious enough to be taken as a meal.s revealed that noodle or boiled rice is not nutritious enough to be taken as a meal.