Effect of N-levels on Growth and Dry Matter Accumlation of Sorghum-Sudangrass Hybrid ( Sorghum bicolor $\times$ S. sudanense ) , Pioneer 988

질소시비수준이 Pioneer 988 ( Sorghum bicolor $\times$ S.Sudanesse ) 의 엽생육 및 건물생산에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1983.12.30


The purpose of this experiment was to find out fundamental data for the cultivation of sorghum-sudangrass hybrid. Leaf area index and dry matter accumulation were investigated with 3-levels of nitrogen application,15, 25, 35kg per 10a during the period of initial growth from the 8th leaf emergence to the late blooming stage. The results obtained were as follows: Leaf emergence increased as growth progressed and in the same pattern at all N-levels. After the heading stage, the value was 15 at all N-levels. Leaf area index (LAI) increased as growth progressed and rapidly till the booting stage. At 15kg N-level the values were larger till the ear formation stage, and at 35tg N-level the values were larger than other N-levels after the booting stage. At the late blooming stage LAI reached 8.13 at 35kg N-level. The value of dry matter accumulation was the highest at 35kg N-level at the late blooming stage, and as was the same in the value of crop growth rate (CGR). There was a tendency that before the booting stage the enlargement of leaf area contributed to dry matter accumulation and after the booting stage did the increase of net assimilation rate (NAR) .