A Study on the Nutrient Production of Sudangrass , Pioneer 931 and Pioneer 988 during the First Growth and the Regrowth

Sudangrass , Pioneer 931 및 Pioneer 988의 예취차별 영양소 생산량에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1983.12.30


The production of dry matter, general composition, hemicelluose and cell contents and in vitro digestible dry matter, cellulose and crude protein production were investigated in the Sudangrass and the hybrid of Sudangrass x sorghum, Pioneer 931 and Pioneer 958 during the first growth and the regrowth. 1. Dry matter yield of Sudangrass showed the highest value among the cultivars tested, being 1,638kgper 10a, those of the Pioneer 988 and Pioneer 931 showed 1,404kg and 1,282kg respectively. The effect of the first growth and the regrowth on the dry matter production of Sudangrass and Pioneer 988 was relatively small. 2. The in vitro digestibility of cellulose and the estimated digestible energy value per kg had a trend to be lower in order of Pioneer 931, Pioneer 988 and Sudangrass. But the production of digestible energy per 10a was decreased in order of Sudangrass, Pioneer 958 and Pioneer 931, which produced 4,623, 4,170 and 3,970 Mcal, respectively. 3. The cultivars did not affect on the in vitro digestibility of dry matter, while the yields of digestible dry matter were decreased in the order of Sudangrass, Pioneer 988 and Pioneer 931, which showed 1,068, 939 and 893kg per 10a, respectively. The yields of digestible protein lowered in order of Pioneer 931, Sudangrass and Pioneer 988, which were 134, 130 and 102kg per 10a, respectively.