Characteristics of an imperfect fungus, Microsporum nigricans Yeeh sp. nov.

불완전 진균 Microsporum nigricans Yeeh sp.nov의 특성

  • Yeeh, Yeehn (Department of Medicine, Inje College)
  • 이인 (인제대학 의학과)
  • Published : 1985.12.01


An imperfect fungus recognized as a dermatophyte was isolated from soil samples and the macroscopic, microscopic and physiological characteristics were examined. From the comparisons of this isolate with the known species, the strain belonged to the genus Microsporum. She showed mant different characteristics from the related species, including colony color and shape, or number in a cell of macrocondium. This isolate was considered to be a novel species in the genus Microsporum. Therefore the name was given to her as Microsporum nigricans Yeeh sp. nov. because of dark blackish color from the macroscopic observation.