A Study of Carbon Monoxide Oxidation on Pt & Pt-Pd Catalysts

귀금속촉매 (Pt, Pd)를 이용한 일산화탄소 산화반응에 관한 연구

  • 金京林 ;
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  • 이원묵 (연세대학교 화학공학과) ;
  • 유홍진 (연세대학교 화학공학과)
  • Published : 1985.11.01


This study is concerned with the oxidation of carbon monoxide on platinum and platinum-palladium catalysts. Catalysts were made by the impregnation method and flow reactor was used in the catalytic reaction. As for the mixed gases, carbon monoxide concentration varied from 1 to 4% and that of oxygen from 1 to 4%. $N_2$ was used as carrier gas and GHSV varied from 24, 000 $h^{-1} to 60, h^{-1}$. The temperature range was from 200 to $600^\circ$C. It was also taken into consideration that the heat and mass transfer resistance of our catalysts was negligible in the study. Experimental results showed that platinum-palladium catalyst was about 1.5-3.9% superior to platinum catalyst in conversion yield. When we used platinum-palladium catalyst, we observed that carbon monoxide oxidation was found to be 1 st order with respect to carbon monoxide concentration. Activation energy of the catalyst was 23.5 kcal/mol.



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