Clinical Experiences of Open Heart Surgery [50 Cases]

개심술 치험 50례

  • Published : 1985.12.01


Fifty cases of Open Heart Surgery due to congenital and acquired heart disease were done using the cardiopulmonary bypass in the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery, Chosun University Hospital from November, 1980 to June, 1985. 1. The age of the congenital heart disease was from 7 to 29 years, the mean age was 14.5 years. In the acquired heart disease, the age was from 14 to 48 years, and the mean age was 22.3 years. The ratio of male to female was about 1.8:1. 2. The number of congenital cyanotic heart disease were 7 patients, congenital acyanotic heart disease were 17 patients and acquired valvular heart disease were 26 patients. All of the acquired heart disease was one or more valve disease. 3. Preoperative symptoms of the congenital heart disease were exertional dyspnea [cyanotic 100%, acyanotic 70.6%] and palpitation [cyanotic 28.6%, acyanotic 76.1%], and the acquired heart diseases were exertional dyspnea [92.3%], palpitation [34.1 %], and chest discomfort [30.8%]. 4. The method of the myocardial protection during the cardiopulmonary bypass were mild or moderate hypothermia, intermittent coronary perfusion of the cardioplegic solution, topical myocardial hypothermia with 4oC Hartmann`s solution. 5. In the cases of the valve replacement, postoperative oral anticoagulant therapy was started at oral intake of food using the warfarin and persantin, and the prothrombin time was maintained 30-50% of control value during 3-6 months for tissue valve replacement and permanently for metal valve replacement. 6. The postoperative complications were appeared in 24 cases and the complications were wound infection, occipital alopecia, hemorrhage etc. 7. The mortality after open heart surgery was 8 percents and the cause of death was low cardiac output syndrome, right heart failure, DIC, and Left ventricle rupture.