Calculation of Absorbed Dose for Immersion in Semi-Infinite Radioactive Cloud...(1)

반무한(半無限) 방사성운(放射性雲)에서의 흡수선량계산(吸收線量計算) - 1. 단일(單一)에너지 감마 방출체(放出體)에 대한 산난광자(散亂光子)스펙트럼의 계산(計算) -

  • Lee, Soo-Yong (Dept. of Physics, College of Science and Engineering, Hanyang University)
  • 이수용 (한양대학교 이공대학 물리학과)
  • Published : 1985.12.20


In general, dose rates for a monoenergetic gamma emitter uniformly distributed in an infinite cloud have been calulated by using the monoenergetic point-isotorpic source kernel technique. The most serious limitation on use of the kernel technique is subjected to the fact that it estimates the dose only at the surface of body. As a result, an alternative method is presented in which estimates of dose rate for immersion in a radioactive cloud are resulted from the scattered photon spectra incident on the surface of body. The results are in excellent agreement with other's. Work is currently in progress to apply these results to immersion dose problems associated with absorbed dose distribution in the MIRD phatom.