Radiation Shield Analysis for Spent Fuel Shipping Cask

핵연료 수송용기의 방사선 차폐해석

  • Published : 1985.12.20


Radiation shield design for a shipping cask, KSC-1, was evaluated to verify that the cask can be used in the transportation of a spent fuel assembly discharged from KNU 5 & 6. Radiation source term of the spent fuel assembly was calculated with the computer program ORIGEN-79, QAD-CG, ANISN-KA and DOT 3.5 codes Were used in the shielding calculations and the nuclear cross section data needed was extracted from the DLC-23/CASK library. It is concluded that KSC-1 shipping cask satisfies the requirements specified in the relevant regulations under normal conditions of transport and under accident conditions in transport.