Tissue Distribution and Binding Proteins of Radionuclides in Bivalve, Gomphina melanaegis

민들조개(Gomphina melanaegis)에서 방사성 동위원소의 조직내 분포와 결합단백질에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1985.12.20


Radioisotope tracer experiments on the distribution and the binding of radionuclides to proteins in bivalve were carried out in order to gain further information on biochemical behavior of radionuclides in marine bivalve, Gomphina melanaegis. The radioactivities (cpm/g) of $^{65}Zn\;and\;^{54}Mn$ after 7 days exposure were highly concentrated in liver and kidney in comparison to soft parts. The gel filtration profile of $^{65}Zn$ in liver and kidney showed three elution peaks, while $^{54}Mn$ showed two peaks in liver and three peaks in kidney. On the gel filtration of $^{137}Cs$ in liver and kidney, most of $^{137}Cs$ were eluted on one peak. Thus, it was considered that each radionuclide was bound to different proteins in liver and kidney of bivalve.