Derivation of a Monte Carlo Estimator for Dose Equivalent

몬테칼로법을 위한 선량당량 산정법의 도출

  • Lee, Jai-Ki (Nuclear Safety Center, Korea Advanced Energy Research Institute)
  • 이재기 (한국에너지연구소 원자력안전센터)
  • Published : 1985.12.20


An alternative estimator for dose equivalent was derived. The original LET distribution concept was transformed into a charged particle fluence spectrum concept along with the definition of an average quality factor named slowing-down averaged quality factor by adopting the continuous slowing down approximation. With the alternative estimator, the dose equivalent delivered into a receptor located in a given radiation field can be directly and conveniently estimated in a Monte Carlo procedure. The slowing-down averaged quality factors for the energy range below 10 MeV were evaluated and tabulated for the charged particles which may be generated from the interactions of neutron with the nuclei composing soft tissue.