Neutron Streaming Analysis in 1300 MWe Pressurized Water Reactor Cavity

1,300 MWe 가압경수로 공동내에서의 중성자 흐름해석

  • Published : 1985.06.30


Neutron Streaming analysis in 1300 MWe pressurized water reactor cavity was performed. In this calculation, the discrete ordinates transport codes, ANISN and DOT 3.5, and the Monte Carlo code, TRIPOLI-02 were used with the coupling code, DOTTRI. In this study IBM 3033 type computer was used. The calculated neutron fluxes and dose rates were compared with the measured data in a 900MWe pressurized water reactor cavity to show a good agreement, although some deviations in the results for each energy group were noticed. These results will be applied in the radiation shielding design of high capacity nuclear power reactors and, to the means of radiation protection in case of the reactor maintenance and the access of the reactor cavity.