Sorption Behavior of Cesium-137, Cerium-144 and Cobalt-60 on Zeolites

제오라이트에 대한 세슘-137, 세슘-144 및 코발트-60 흡착거동

  • Published : 1985.06.30


The sorption behavior of some typical fission products such as Cs-137, long-lived radionuclide; Ce-144, rare-earth element; and Co-60, corrosion product on zeolite A, zeolite F-9 (faujasite) and amorphous zeolite was determined with the salt concentrations, 0.01 M- to 2.0 M- nitric acid and ammonium nitrate, and the shaking time, 15 minutes interval from 15 minute to 90 minute. Kd values were obtained through the batch experiment. In conclusion, the optimal conditions for isolation and removal of the typical radionuclides are as following: zeolite, amorphous zeolite; concentration, $0.01\;M-HNO_3\;and\;0.1\;M-NH_4NO_3$; pH4; shaking time, one hour; the most effective species, Cs-137.