Study on Shipboard Fumigation of the Imported Logs

수입원목의 본선훈증소독에 관한 연구

  • Yu K.Y. (National Plant Quarantine Office) ;
  • Chung Y.W. (National Plant Quarantine Office) ;
  • Lee M.H. (National Plant Quarantine Office) ;
  • Jae J.W. (National Plant Quarantine Office)
  • Published : 1984.03.01


The $100\%$ of insect pests on the imported logs and Sitophilus oryzae(L.) will be killed both when the imported logs are fumigated on shipboard with 25g methyl $bromide/m^3$ for 24hours at $10\~20^{\circ}C$ and when they are fumigated on shipboard with 37.5g methyl $bromide/m^3$ caculated by DT products for 16 hours at $10\~20^{\circ}C$ using 2 fans of 1800rpm over and ID 30cm. Without using fans, it takes $4\~6$ hours to make gas concentration even in hold. But using 2 fans per hold, the period reduces to $1\~3$ hours.