Use of Industrial Wastes as Sources of Organic Fertilizer III. Effect of Lime Added Sludge on Upland Crop of Corn

산업폐기물(産業廢棄物)의 비료화(肥料化)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究) III. 전작물(田作物)에 대(對)한 석탄첨가(石灰添加) 맥주오염(麥酒汚泥)의 비효시험

  • Published : 1984.03.25


Fermentation waste from beer production was applied to a newly developed upland soil to evaluate the effect of lime added sludge on corn growth. The mineralization of lime added sludge was faster than that of raw sludge without lime treatment in the upland condition. It was accelerated by low C/N ratio and high lime content in the lime added sludge. The plant growth and yields of corn increased as the sludge application rate increased and so was nitrogen and organic matter contents in soil. Ammonium volatilization is considered to be high in the lime added sludge and thus the raw sludge is more promising as an organic sources.