Analysis of Spatial Variability for Particle Size Distribution of Field Soils -I. Variogram

토양(土壤)의 입경분포(粒徑分布)에 대(對)한 공간변이성(空間變異性) 분석(分析) -I. Variogram

  • Published : 1984.09.25


Spatial variabilities of particle size distribution of 96 samples from Hwadong SiCL and Jungdong Sl were studied by using geostatistical concepts. The measurement was made at the nodes of the regular grid consisting of 12 rows and 8 columns. Sample spacing within rows and columns was 3 and 2 meters, respectively. The results are summarized as follows. 1. Variograms of Hwadong SiCL were fitted for the linear model and those of Jungdong SL for the spherical model. 2. Variograms of properties for Hwadong and clay for Jungdong showed the pure nugget effect. Those of silt and clay for Jungdong, however, appeared the nugget effect. 3. The minimum number of samples necessary to reproduce results similar to the true mean of the 96 measured values was approximately estimated. The minimum sample sizes of silt, clay, and sand in Hwadong SiCL were 27, 13, and 6, respectively. And the minimum sample size of clay in Jungdong SL was 17. 4. The approximate number of samples required to detect the difference of 5% of the true mean with 0.95 confidence level was estimated. The resulting number of samples for silt and sand in Jungdong was 14, and 26, respectively.