Analysis of Soil Improvements and Soil Characteristics of the High Yielding Paddies

다수확답(多收穫畓) 토양(土壤)의 관리상황(管理狀況)과 이화학적(理化學的) 특성(特性) 분석(分析)

  • Published : 1984.09.25


A series of soil surveys was conducted in 102 high yielding paddies randomly selected. Each paddy field was the contest winner's in a county, a province or the nationwide during 1976 to 1979. The data on soils and yields of the paddies were evaluated to find out the better practices. Cultivation practices such as intermittent irrigation, deep ploughing and application of soil improvement materials were intensively carried out with the increasing rates of yield. But, the yield of rice in the high yielding paddies was not significantly different according to the paddy soil type or the suitability calss. About 70% of the high yielding paddies were distributed in loam and silty clay loam. The properties of top soil in the high yielding paddies were more improved as compared with the common paddies. The cultivated soil depth and nutrient holding capacity were thought of as the important soil factors for high yield.