A Study on Knowledge and Attitude of a Group of Regional University Students

가족보건에 대한 지식 및 태도에 관한 조사연구 (일부 지방대학생을 중심으로)

  • Published : 1984.12.01


To find out the amount of knowledge and the attitude which a group of students attending local universities have toward family health, I distributed 690 questionaires to three local universities which I chose. I arrived at the following conculsion after 628 questionnairs were returned. 1) 431 male students(89.8%) and 126 femals students (86.2%) felt that family health science is important enough to be part of the cirriculum. 2) 374 male students (74.5) and 132 female students (90.4%) answered that they get a basic knowledge of health and disease through massmedia. 3) Should an information bureau for health and diseare be retup, 369 students(63.2%) answered that they would join information bureau. 4) In regard to a basic knowledge of health, the report says that 419 ma1e students(83.4%) and 117 female students(80%) don't know about Blood pressure, and 422 male students(84%) and 124 female students (84.9%) don't know about normal pulse and 467 male students(93%) and 128 femal stdents(87.6%) don't know about normal respiration. 5) In regard to communicable disese, 186 male students(37.1%) and 61 female students(41.7%) have a basic knowledge of these disease. In regard to diseases which commonly afflict the eldrly, 157 male students (31.2%) and 62 female students (42.4%) have a basic knowledge of these diseases. In regard to other diseases, the finding of this report are that on the average male students(74.6%) and female students of(73.4%) don't have a basic knowledge of family health. 6) 182 male students (36.2%) and 50 female students (34.2%) anwered that the way to promote health and prevent disease is to have a medical examination regularly and also 142 male students (28.2%) and 33 female students(22.6%) answered that it is necessary to have knowledge about how to keep health. 7) 254 male students (50.4%) and 90 female students (61.6%) said that when they are sick they depend on help from the pharmacist.