Demand Analysis of Fresh-fish in the Urban Communities

도시지역에 있어서 선어의 수요분석 -육류와의 대체관계를 중심으로-

  • Published : 1984.06.01


The structure of food demand is being changed according to the improvement of living standard. Moreover, the intake of animal protein is stepping up. This paper considers how much fresh-fish is consumed as source of animal protein and what extent fresh-fish have substitutive relation for meat with special reference to the change of income and price of fresh-fish and meat. And it is thought to be important work to estimate demand of fresh-fish in attemps to the prediction of food consume pattern and fishing industries in the future. For this estimation, the substitutive relation of fresh-fish and meat is essentially studied. The main conclusions of this study can be drawn as follows: 1. Fresh-fish and meat have substitutive relation on price axis. By the way, increase in demand of A (fresh-fish which have comparatively low price) can be expected according to the low of it's price against meat, but B (fresh-fish wihich have comparatively middle-high price) have peculiar demand without substitutive relation for meat. 2. Demand of A and B rise according to the income increases. 3. It is not sufficient to explain substutive relation of fresh-fish and meat without income variable. 4. Income increases bring about the more increase in demand of B than A. By the way, price increases bring about the decrease of it's consume expenditure, but A have fundamental demand as the source of animal protein. 5. In future, the intake of animal protein will step up. By the way, meat will occupy the more portion of the source of animal protein than fresh-fish.