Prediction and Response of Ship`s Hull Girder for Slamming - On The Impact Force of Foreward Flat Bottom Plate -

Slamming에 관한 선체의 응답과 예측 - 전부선저의 충격적 중심으로 -

  • Hong, Bong-Ki ;
  • Kim, Sa-Soo
  • 홍봉기 ;
  • 김사수
  • Published : 1984.06.01


This paper is on the prediction and response of the ship hull girder due to slamming of foreward flat bottom plate. The response with respect to foreward flat bottom is divided two kinds by estimating method. One is the estimation of impact forces by slamming, Another is the response of hull girder due to impact forces, that is, displacement, velocity, acceleration, etc. must calculate the values for considered ship hull girder. In this paper, therefore, was estimated only impact forces along ship ordinate of foreward. The analysis of data for estimation followed mainly papers of Ochi. These estimated data shall contribute for ship gull construction for basic optimum design. In particular, the estimated impact forces shall be given for the response of ship gull girder on the foreward flat bottom plate with characteristics of external forces.