Study on the Water Quality and the Loading of Pollutants in the Downstream of Nakdong River

낙동강 하류의 수질과 오염 부하량에 관한 연구

  • Han, Young-Ho ;
  • Hong, Sung-Kun ;
  • Kim, Young-Seup
  • 한영호 ;
  • 홍성근 ;
  • 김영섭
  • Published : 1984.06.01


The water quality and the budget of pollutant loading in the downstream of Nakdong River were surveyed at 3 sites along the main stream from Mulgum to Hadan and 1 site of Yangsan tributary with response to the tides in May and June, 1983. The level of TSS in the Yangsan tributary, 6.1~21.3mg/l, was higher than any other site. The mean values of BOD were 1.16mg/l at Mulgum site, 1.83mg/l Yangsan site, 0.79mg/l Hwamyeong site and 3.56mg/l at Hadan site. The levels of NH sub(4) super(+)-N and PO sub(4) super(3-)-P were the highest at Hadan site, and the levels of zinc and copper were 2.11~5.98ppb and ND-50.00ppb at Yangsan tributary site. Although the flow rate of Yangsan stream accounted for only 4% of that of main stream, but the mean value of pollutant loading in the Yangsan stream amounted to 8.3% of the that of main steam.