Fundamental Studies on the Net-Shape of the Drag Net-II On the Section Shape of the Simplified Model of the Bag Net in Four-Point Suspension

저예망의 어구형상에 관한 기초적 연구-II 단순화모형에 의한 4폭짜리 자루그물의 단면형상

  • Published : 1984.06.01


As a primary step in studying the relationship between the arrangement of netting and the section shape of the bag net in the four-seam trawling net, a series of experiments were performed with the simplified model of the bag net made of vinyl film. This model was suspended horizontally in circularly flowing water, with two pairs of suspending threads to four points of symetry at the border of the bag mouth in place of both wing nets. And then, the area distribution of each panel in the bag net was arranged by the portion of the length of the side panel, q to that of the lower or upper panel, p at the border of bag mouth. In the experiments, the section shape of the bag mouth photographed and the tensions on both pairs of suspending threads were measured with two loadcells in circularly flowing water. From the results that the section shape of the bag mouth in circularly flowing water is controlled by the area distribution of panels in the bag net, the author estimated an experimental equation. h/w=k sub(1) e super(k) 2 super(q/p)+C, where h is the central height of the bag mouth, and w is the lateral width of that.