The TRC Test for Cold Crack Susceptibility of Welded Zone for ABS EH32 Steel

인장구속 균열시험에 의한 ABS EH 32강 용접부 저온 균열 감수성 시험

  • Published : 1984.12.01


In this study, cold crack susceptibility of high strength steel (ABS EH32 Steel) welded zone with shielded metal are welding was investigated by tensile restraint cracking test method. Effects of diffusible hydrogen content on root cracking, lower critical stress, crack initiation and fracture mode, hardness value distribution of welded zone and fractograph were mainly investigated. Following conclusions are made: 1. In the view of the lower critical stress level, wet electrode, containing much diffusible hydrogen content shows lower value than dried electrode. 2. Hardness value(Hv 5kg) in Heat Affected Zone of wet electrode is higher than that of dried electrode caused by hydrogen embrittlement. 3. In the case of wet electrode, root crack is initiated and propagated in Heat Affected Zone and then propagated to weld metal, but using of dried electrode, root crack is initiated in Heat Affected Zone and propagated to weld metal without propagating in HAZ. 4. For wet electrode, quasi-cleavage fracture mode is majorly observed on the fracture surface of HAZ and partially of weld metal due to hydrogen embrittlement.