Calculation of Dobe Distributions in Brachytherapy by Personal Microcomputer

Microcomputer를 이용한 근접조사 장치의 선량분포 계산

  • Chu S. S. (Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, Yonsei University) ;
  • Park C. Y. (Department of Radiology, College of Medicine, Yonsei University)
  • 추성실 (연세대학교 의과대학 방사선과학교실 연세암센터) ;
  • 박창윤 (연세대학교 의과대학 방사선과학교실 연세암센터)
  • Published : 1984.06.01


In brachytherapy, it is important to determine the positions of the radiation sources which are inserted into a patient and to estimate the dose resulting from the treatment. Calculation of the dose distribution throughout an implant is so laborious that it is rarely done by manual methods except for model cases. It is possible to calculate isodose distributions and tumor doses for individual patients by the use of a microcomputer. In this program, the dose rate and dose distributions are calculated by numerical integration of point source and the localization of radiation sources are obtained from two radiographs at right angles taken by a simulator developed for the treatment planning. By using microcomputer for brachytherapy, we obtained the result as following 1. Dose calculation and irradiation time for tumor could be calculated under one or five seconds after input data. 2. It was same value under$\pm2\%$ error between dose calculation by computer program and measurement dose. 3. It took about five minutes to reconstruct completely dose distribution for intracavitary irradiation. 4. Calculating by computer made remarkly reduction of dose errors compared with Quimby's calculation in interstitial radiation implantation. 5. It could calculate the biological isoffect dose for high and low dose rate activities.