Changes in Fatty Acid and Cholesterol Composition of Koran Styled Beef Broths (Gom-Guk) during Cooking

쇠고기 곰국의 조리중 지방산 및 Cholesterol 조성변화

  • Cho, Eun-Za (Department of Food and Nutrition, Sung Shin Women's University)
  • 조은자 (성신여자대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1984.11.30


The content of total lipid, cholesterol and fatty acid in Korean styled various beef broths was examined before and during toiling to determine the influence of cooking time. The values obtained from the broths of brisket, ox-tail and small-intestine were determined by using G. C. The highest total lipid value among small-intestine, brisket and ok-tail was in the small-intestine. The content of total lipid in the boiled meat decreased during cooking with the exception of the brisket. Total lipid content found in the broth of brisket meat increased until 6hr and thell decreased at cooking time of 8hr and 10 hr. The highest total lipid contents in the broths of brisket, ox-tail and small-intestine were found when the cooking time were 6 hr, 10 hr and 4 hr, respectively. The main fatty acids found in the broths of brisket, ok-tail and small-intestine were $C_{14}$, $C_{16}$, $C_{18}$, $C_{18:1}$, and $C_{18:1}$. The content of $C_{18:1}$ and $C_{18:2}$ from the brisket meat increased until 4hr's cooking, especially $C_{18:2}$ increased significantly until 6 hr cooking. The highest ratios of unsaturated to saturated fatty acid (UNS/S) in the meat of brisket and ox-tail were found in the 2hr and 4hr cooking, respectively. The ratios of UNS/S in the broths of both of brisket and small-intestine, and ok-tail were highest in the 4 hr and 2 hr cooking, respectively. The content of total cholesterol (TC) was the highest in the small-intestine and the highest percentage of ester cholesterol was 5.4 in the brisket. The content of TC in small-intestine, brisket and ox-tail was decreased significantly after 2 hr cooking. Precentage of the ester in the brisket was the highest when the cooking time was 8 hr. Only trace amount of total cholesterol was found in the broth.