The Experience and Analysis of Radiological Protection at KoRi Unit #1, Nuclear Power Plant

원자력(原子力) 1 호기(號機)의 방사선관리경험(放射線管理經驗)과 평가(評價)

  • Park, Shin-Woo (Quality Assurance and Inspection Dept., Korea Electric Power Corporation)
  • 박신우 (한국전력공사 품질검사처 원자력안전관리역)
  • Published : 1984.12.15


The analysis of radiological protection at Kori Nuclear Unit #1, which started commercial operation on April 29, 1978, has been carried out in three areas, namely, radiation exposure, radioactive waste disposal and environmental management. The analysis results for radiation exposure and radioactive effluent releases appear to increase gradually with plant operating years. On the other hand, the apex of radiation exposure and radioactive effluent releases was in 1983 and 1982 respectively and then decreased or stabilized. Also, the operation environmental radioactivity seems to be no higher than preoperation environmental radioactivity.