A Convenient Method on the Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone Extraction of $^{99m}TcO^-{_4}$

$^{99m}TcO^-{_4}$의 메틸-에틸-케톤-간편 추출법

  • Published : 1984.12.15


A convenient method of $^{99m}Tc$-methyl-ethyl-ketone (MEK) extraction technique was developed and a mobile $^{99m}Tc$-extraction generator was designed. The MEK extraction and the phase separation of $^{99m}TcO^-{_4}$ were carried out with a simple procedure in the same container. The shielding of $^{99}Mo$ radioactivity was made with one lead container. The system was simplified by shielding $^{99m}TcO_4{^-}({\gamma}_e=0.14\;MeV)$ separately. $^{99m}TcO^-{_4}\;in\;^{99m}Tc-MEK$ extract was recovered by adsorption and elution only, and therefore, the possibility of volatilization was reduced. The volume of $^{99m}TcO^{-}{_4}$-saline product was reduced to 1 ml by using a small alumina column and the column operation time was shortened. The separation time of $^{99m}Tc$ was reduced to 30 minutes, and the operation was carried out at the outside of the shielding. The system was designed to operate under the condition of bacteria-free.