Criticality Analyses of Spent Fuel Shipping Cask

핵연료(核燃料) 수송용기(輸送容器)에 대(對)한 핵림계분석(核臨界分析)

  • Published : 1984.12.15


Criticality analyses of the KSC-1(Korean Shipping Cask-1) spent fuel shipping cask have been performed with the help of KENO-IV Monte Carlo computer code and 19-group CSLIB 19 cross section set which was generated from AMPX modular system. The analyses followed a benchmark calculation which has been made regard to the B & W CX-10 criticality facility in order to validate the Monte Carlo code cross section set described above. The KSC-1 shipping cask seems to be safe in the criticality point of view for the transport of one PWR spent fuel assembly under the normal conditions as well as the hypothetical accident conditions.