Characteristics of Alpha Particle Track on Cellulose Nitrate Film

Cellulose Nitrate의 알파입자비적특성(粒子飛跡特性)

  • Do, Jin-Yeol (Department of Physics, Chungnam National University) ;
  • Jun, Jae-Shik (Department of Physics, Chungnam National University) ;
  • Hwang, Sun-Tae (Radiation Standards Laboratory, Korea Standards Research Institute)
  • 도진열 (충남대학교 물리학과) ;
  • 전재식 (충남대학교 물리학과) ;
  • 황선태 (한국표준연구소 방사선표준연구실)
  • Published : 1984.12.15


A study on the characteristics of ${\alpha}$-particle track on cellulose nitrate film was carried out with a particular emphasis on the dependence of track diameter upon chemical etching condition. The track diameters etched in KOH solution appeared to be, on average, three times larger than those etched in NaOH under the same etching condition. The relationship between the track diameters and both etching time and the energy of incident ${\alpha}$-particles was also investigated. It is shown that the particle fluence rate is fairly independent of etching time as far as the condition of irradiation remains unchanged.