Characteristics and Applications of Soild State Nuclear Track Detectors -The Detection and Dosimetry of N-Ions by CR-39-

고체비적검출기(固體飛跡檢出器)의 특성(特性)과 그 응용(應用) -CR-39에 의한 질소(窒素)이온 검출(檢出)과 선양측정(線量測定)-

  • Published : 1984.12.15


The optimum etching condition of allyl diglycol carbonate (CR-39) for detecting the 60 MeV N-ions was determined as $70^{\circ}C$, 20% NaOH for 130min, by considering the variations of track density and diameter. Under these conditions, the maximum detectable track density was $1.7{\times}10^7tr/cm^2$. Track densities were linearly increased with increase of the total charge of the incident 60 MeV N-ions. By considering the scattring of N-ions as the Rutherford elastic scattering of point source, the measured relative probability was well consistent with the calculated value. The detection efficiency of CR-39 was in the range of 54-41% for 60 MeV N-ions of 12 nC-100 nC.