A Study on the 'Ohdae Eubuga' of Suheon Lee Jung Kyeung

새로 발굴된 이중경의 오대어부가

  • Published : 1983.06.01


This study is about a literary man, Suheon Lee Jung Kyeung(AD. 1599-1678) and his poem 'Ohdae Eubuga' written in the language of the common people(RiEu) of Cho Seon dynasty. The outline of this study are as follows: 1) The work has been written at Ohdae, Cheongdo Gum, Kyeung-sang Do, in AD. 1656 that is the 7th year of King Hyo Jong of Cho Seon dynasty. 2) The work was written in the Korean and Chinese characters, in the form of the ancient Korean ode (Sijo). The twenty odes are composed of 'Eubuga' with 14 poems and 'Eububyeulgok' with 6 poems. The pleasureof his public life was well represented in these poems. 3) The work is included in his original manuscript 'Japhwewonjib' written in AD. 1664, the 5th year of King Hyeun Jong of Cho seon dynasty. 4) It seemed that the work has been mostly influenced by 'Mooyee Gugokga' of Joo Hee(AD. 1130-1200) of South Song dynasty, 'Eubusa' of Nongam Lee Hyeun Bo(AD. 1467-1555) and 'Dosan Sibyeegok' of Toegei Lee Hwang(A.D. 1501-1570) of Cho Seon dynasty.