Studies on the Fermentation of Lupin Seed (II) - Preparation of traditional Korean fermented been Sauce and Paste -

루우핀콩의 발효에 관한연구(I I) -한국 재래식 장유 제조시험 -

  • Oh, Sung-Hoon (Department of Food Technology Korea University) ;
  • Lee, Cherl-Ho (Department of Food Technology Korea University)
  • Published : 1983.09.01


Lupin seed was used to make Meju, the fermentation starter for Korean soybean sauce and paste in substitution for soybean and the fermentation characteristics were compared with those of soybean. Mejus were prepared by in-oculating Asp. oryzae on the cooked whole beans. The dried Mejus were used for making fermented bean sauce and paste by mixing with brine and subsequent ripening for 4 weeks. In general the protease activity and amylase activity-during ripening were higher in lupin seed Meju than those of soybean Meju. The increase in protease activity correlated to the increase in $\alpha$-amino nitrogen content of the fermented paste and sauce. The development of dark-brown color of the sauce during ripening faster with lupin seed Meju compared to soybean Meju. In sensory evaluation the flavor score of lupin seed sauce and paste was slightly lower than that of soybean products but the overall quality of fermented lupin seed sauce was acceptable.