Interaction Between the Viscous and Wavemaking Component Resistance

점성저항과 조파 저항 성분의 상호작용

  • Published : 1983.06.01


It is customary to assume that the resistance of a jull at uniform speed may be regarded as the sum of viscous and wavemaking component resistance, or C sub(i)=C sub(v)+C sub(w), where C sub(v) is regarded as a function of Reynolds Number R and C sub(w) a function of Froude Number F. Formulae have been obtained for ∂C sub(w)/∂R, ∂C sub(v)/∂F which may be relevant in seeking theoretical grounds for possible interaction between viscous and wavemaking component resistances. The values of ∂C sub(w)/∂R are small. In general they are smaller than corresponding values of ∂C sub(v)/∂R. But although these values are small it does not follow that they are entirely negligible. The Froude assumption that the rate of change of C sub(w) with R is zero must bel regarded as incorrect.