Analysis on the Dynamic Respone of the Hull Structure due to Slamming Impact - By Finite Element Method -

슬래밍 충격을 받는 선체의 동적 응답해석 -유한요소법으로-

  • Published : 1983.06.01


In rough seas, actual behaviours of a ship may not be estimated by the linear strip theory, because of Nonlinearities due to the hull shape, bottom slamming and bottom and/or bow-flare slamming. In case of slamming, impulsive hydrodynamic pressure occurs on the fore body surface of the ship, resulting hull vibration called whipping, by which the ship may suffer from serious structural damages and the impact pressure, depends critically on the relative velocity at re-entry. In this paper, the Time history of impact froce at each station, the longitudinal distribution of impact force at critical time, the Time history of acceleration at F.P. and the Time history of Bending moment at midship are illustrated. That is, authors analyzed Dynamic response of container ship to be subjected slamming impact force.