Helmholtz Coil and Performance of Magnetic Compass

인공자장발생장치와 자기 컴퍼스의 성능

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  • Published : 1983.06.01


In order to furnish the fundamental data for the domestic production of magnetic compass and the prescription of standardization about it in Korea, authors made the helmholtz coil and investigated the characteristics of them. Subsequently, the damping curves of T190 and T165 compasses in the helmholtz coil were measured and analyzed the performance of those compass. The results obtained are as follows; 1. The relation between electric current (I sub I) to flow in the helmholtz coils, that the thickness of coil is 1mm, diameter 1m, winding number 117, and intensity of magnetic field is presented as follows. Vertical magnetic force: Z(Gauss)=0.34+1.506 I sub(i) Horizontal magnetic force: H(Gauss)=0.183+1.506 I sub(i) 2. Period of T190 compass is longer than T165 compass in all horizontal magnetic force. In the amplitude, the former is larger than the latter above 0.08 Gauss, but this phenomenon is opposed to that below 0.08 Gauss. 3. As the porizontal magnetic force is intensive, period of magnetic compass is short, amplitude is large, and damping degree and damping factor are small. The time elapsed to the principal points of damping curve is proportional to the -0.65 power of the horizontal magnetic force.