The Fracture Study of SCC of Al - Alloy for Marine Structures

해양구조물용 알미늄 합금의 SCC에 의한 파괴연구

  • Published : 1983.03.01


The test specimen, designated the double cantilever beam, was employed for a fracture mechanics study of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of type 5083 Al-alloy in seawater. Stress intensities for this DCB specimen were calculated by using compliance, strain energy release rate and relation between stress intensity and strain energy release rate. Analytical expression for compliance as a function of crack length was obtained by applying beam theory. It was investigated that the polarization potentials affected the growth rate and surface of stress corrosion cracking. The results are as follows, The critical stress intensity was 134.81-148.38kg/mm super(3/2) and K sub(Ii) under polarization potentials was 75.92-145.78kg/mm super(3/2). The minimum stress corrosion crack growth rate was occurred at-987mV SCE. Insoluble compound on $\beta$ phase was looked into through SCC. The greater anodic potential is, the larger insoluble compound on $\beta$ phase becomes.