A Study on the Hole Stability in the U-Grooved Plates

U-groove가 있는 평판재 끝 Hole의 안정성 문제

  • Published : 1983.03.01


In the stability problem of the U-grooved plate, it has a circular hole, the site of the hole determines some different deformation mode when it was loaded. To determine the optimal position of the circular hole-center which not to get large distortion of the hole itself, in this paper, we studied the distributions of stresses in the neck area between hole and U-groove and the distortion mode of the deformed hole by B.E.M(Boundary Element Method) and compared with experimental results in four cases. For a distributed load, according to the center of the hole moves closer to the U-groove center (c.-c. line), the shape of the circular hole was transformed to the elliptical one(it's major axis perpendicular to the c.-c. line). In this problem, the results by Boundary Element Method was well accorded with Experiments.