A Thyristor Chopper Using Reverse Commutation

역전압 Commutation을 이용한 Thyristor Chopper 에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1983.03.01


A reverse voltage commutating thyristor chopper was described. The chopper consists of commutating capacitor charging circuit and commutating thyristor. By superimposing the charged voltage on capacitor to load voltage. Powerful reverse voltage could be induced on main thyristor cathode. And in that wise the chopping action was performed without all the reactors of the proposed circuit. An energy recovery circuit was employed in the chopper circuit for recovering the energy that was consumed in main thyristor commutation. The operating principles of the chopper circuit was analyzed and experimental results were as following. I) All reactors were eliminated. ii) By applying energy recovery circuit to the chopper, 67% of the consumed energy was recovered to source. iii) Turn off time of the proposed chopper was derived as T=RC ln2.