Ultasonic Reflection Characteristics of the Underwater Corner Reflector

수중코오너리프렉터의 초음파반사특성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1983.03.01


The corner reflector is used to increase the echoing area of radar targets in the air, and it can also be applied to increase the echoing area of the sonar targets under water. As the basic research for this application, the authors investigated the ultrasonic reflection characteristics under water for the corner reflector which was made of aluminum plate. The experiments were made by pulse measuring method with the magnetostrictive ferrite transducers of 28, 50 and 75KHz in the experimental water tank. The results obtained are as follows; 1. The target strength of corner reflectors were increased in proportion to the diameter and were greater at higher frequency of 75KHz than at lower frequency of 28KHz. 2. In the case of 5 corner reflectors of 150mm in diameter which have corner angles of 15$^{\circ}$, 30$^{\circ}$, 45$^{\circ}$, 60$^{\circ}$ and 90$^{\circ}$the measured values of the maximum target strength at 75KHz were-25.0 dB, -17.2dB, -15.1dB, -13.4dB and 11.0dB, and then the number of main lobes showing the maximum target strength in the backscattering patterns were 24, 12, 8, 6 and 4, respectively. 3. When 7 corner reflector of 80mm in diameter and 90$^{\circ}$ in the corner angle was located on the minor axis of the horizontal section with directional angles of 0$^{\circ}$, 2.5$^{\circ}$, 5.0$^{\circ}$, 7.5$^{\circ}$, 10$^{\circ}$ and 12.5$^{\circ}$ against the sound beam axis, the measured values of the target strength on each position at 75KHz were -21.2dB, -21.9dB, -26.0dB, -30.5dB and -36.8dB, respectively.