PZ-peptidase activities in Streptococcus sanguis and other oral bacteria

Streptococcus sanguis와 여타 구강세균이 생산하는 PZ-peptidase 활성

  • 최선진 (서울대학교 치과대학 미생물학 교실)
  • Published : 1983.09.01


The occurrence of PZ-peptidase in Streptococcus sanguis and other oral bacteria was investigated utilizing washed whole cells as the enzyme source and PZ-pentapeptide as its substrate. Under the culture conditions employed in the present study. Streptococcus sanguis strains, fresh isolates as well as laboratory strains, produced a broad range of the enzyme activity (0.5-7.9 unit/mg protein). The strains of both Streptococcus mutans and Lactobacilli showed low levels of activity (0-0.5 unit/mg protein for S. mutans). As compared with the enzyme activities of other bacteria, a moderate range of activity was produced by the strains of Strptococcus mitis nad Strptoccus salivarius. Actinomyces strains, like those of S. sanguis, produced a varying amount of activity (0-9.8 unit/ mg protein). A possible involvement of the oral bacterial PZ-peptidase in the metabolism of human saliva proteins is discussed.