A Study on the Curriculum Development for the Agricultural Engineering Technology of Junior College

전문대학 농업토목과 교육과정 개선에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1983.12.01


This study was intended to develop a curriculum for the agricultural engineering technology, and that on confidence with junior college characteristics. In order to per- formance with this study, job cluster was analyzed on 28 parts in respect to the agricultural engineering field and questionnaire was investigated to the field including in alumni 181, students 537, professional workers 174 and professors 54. The results from the above analysis and investigation can be summarized as follows. 1. According to the investigation on degree of important subjects from the questionnaire, it is presented at mathematics 43%, physics 36% in students and 32%, 12% in professional workers. Considering from this results, it is desirable that primary subjects should be forced. 2. In comparing with fundamental major subjects and applied it, it is presented at that 41%, this 34%, in the total investigations. It can be found that in the degree of requirement, this is lower than that among the major subjects. 3. In investigation to the degree of requirement in the experiment and practice, it is presented at surveying 63%. Soil mechanics 14%, materials 13%, hydraulics 9% in order, in total inspection. 4. From investigation to the degree of requirement on the subjects of established newly, it is presented at majoring and living English 64%, E.D.P.S 30%, in the total questionnaire. Judging from the results, it seems that the foreign language is necessary to technician more and more, for advance to abroad. Also, it is no wonder that make good use of the E.D.P.S. 5 The table 5 is represented the model curriculum from the above results in anaized data on the questionnaire and the job cluster of table 2.