Studies on Embryo Transfer in Rabbit I. Ovarian response to PMSG and hCG administration

가토의 수정란이식에 관한 연구 I. PMSG와 HCG투여에 따른 난소반응

  • Published : 1983.11.01


As a preliminary experiment to establish the process of embryo transfer in rabbit, present sutdies were carried out with 75 mature Japanese of ovary to pregnant mare's serum gonadotropin(PMSG) and human chorionic gonadotropin(hCG) and collection rate of embryos at various times after hCG injection. Female rabbits were superovulated using 50∼100IU hCG or 75∼100IU PMSG and 50∼751IU hCG injected 83hrs apart. The results obtained were as follows: 1. The average number of growth follicles obtained from all of rabbits treated with hCG or PMSG-hCG was 28.1. PMSG-hCG treatment group (30.9) was clearly increased more than hCG treatment group (16.7). 2. In ovulation score, PMSG-hCG treatment group (21.0) was increased more than hCG treatment group (7.9), showing the same trends in the growth of follicles. 3. The ovulation rate per follicles developed was higher in the rabbits treated with 100 IU PMSG and 75 IU hCG (18.9%) than that from the other groups. 4. The oviduct score (72.9%) was inclined to higher than that from uteri (57.1%) in score of embryo collection.