ICRP-26, The Recommendations on Radiological Protection

방사선방호(放射線防護)에 관(關)한 ICRP 권고(勸告) 26

  • Jun, Jae-Shik (Department of Physics Chungnam Nationa University)
  • Published : 1983.05.31


Since the last ICRP recommendations on radiological protection was published in 1966 as it's Publication 9, the revised edition of the recommendations had first been published in 1977, accommodating up-to-date knowledge of radiobiology and operational experiences of radiation protection built up for over a decade. In this article, the new version of the recommendations is reviewed in comparison with those of the Publication 9, while the corrections and modifications made afterward are introduced together with the recent trends and responses of the experts in various countries for the practical adoption or legislation of the recommendations.